Escape System Updates

Production System: 18.01 [ as of: 04/26/2018 ]

Test System: 18.02 [ as of: 06/04/2018 ]

Test Data Refresh: 5/4/2018

Scheduled System Updates

Escape Technology is implementing a published update schedule.

The general plan for Yuba COE is to upgrade our Test system 6 days after the release is announced and available to customers and then our Production system will be upgraded 1 week later. This plan will be flexible to accommodate payroll schedules and may vary slightly based on weekends and holidays etc.

15.01 release example

Report Release Updates

Escape Technology makes information available regarding Report Updates within the Escape Online 5 client. To view the current update from within Escape go to the Online Resources activity group and select the Report Release Information item. It is important to stay current with these updates as some ongoing issues, addressed with Escape Change requests (CRs), are resolved by these updates.

This information is also currently available via a web link in three different sort orders.

The information included is cummulative to the major release level but currently does not seem to cover ALL historical report updates from prior versions.

Escape Software Change Requests

Change Requests (CR) are initiated for software issues and report issues. The status of existing CRs can be determined by reviewing the Release Notes available under Online Resources in the Escape Online5 client. CRs specific to report functionality are available in the Report Release Information section, also under Online Resources. A quick link to the Report Release Information pages is available above.

It is important that existing issues with CRs assigned are evaluated and the solution is confirmed once the CR has been applied. As application of a specific CR may not be obvious to the users experiencing the reported problem, it is also important that all users make time to scan the available lists to know when an issue has been resolved or updated functionality applied.

SACS Account Code Updates (Validation Tables)

We update both Production and Test systems as changes to SACS codes are provided by the state. Details are available in the Matrix Changes document listed with each update.

Matrix Date
  Date Applied  

04/23/201804/25/201804/25/2018Matrix Changes
03/09/201803/12/201803/12/2018Matrix Changes
01/17/201801/19/201801/19/2018Matrix Changes
10/06/201710/09/201710/09/2017Matrix Changes
06/12/201706/12/201706/12/2017Matrix Changes
06/05/201706/05/201706/05/2017Matrix Changes
04/06/201704/06/201704/06/2017Matrix Changes
10/12/201610/13/201610/13/2016Matrix Changes
06/29/201606/30/201606/30/2016Matrix Changes
05/03/201605/03/201605/03/2016Matrix Changes
04/01/201604/01/201604/01/2016Matrix Changes
12/21/201512/21/201512/21/2015Matrix Changes
09/22/201509/22/201509/22/2015Matrix Changes
07/02/201507/07/201507/07/2015Matrix Changes
05/01/201505/04/201505/04/2015Matrix Changes
02/05/201502/06/201502/06/2015Matrix Changes
11/11/201411/17/201411/17/2014Matrix Changes
07/23/201407/25/201407/25/2014Matrix Changes
06/30/201407/07/201407/02/2014Matrix Changes
06/03/201406/03/201406/03/2014Matrix Changes
03/05/201403/06/201403/05/2014Matrix Changes

Additional details may be obtained from the CDE website, SACS Valid Codes and Combinations page .